Our Second Year of Midlife Homestead...... 2020 

Midlife Homestead started in 2019 with the support and enthusiasm of family, friends and new customers.The feedback and enthusiasm from our initial customers has prompted us to extend and build more raised beds and potato trenches to enable us to support increased customer numbers this year.

On reflection of 2019.....

As with any new business we had a few anxious moments with the Scottish summer weather not always being kind and resulting in the 'towel drying' of vegetables prior to being added to the crates. Pumpkins and Squash that wanted to take over as they grew enormously, carrots that were most decidedly 'wonky' but 'tasty' and too many varieties of courgette for anyone to cope with.

The appetite for homemade cake and bread was most alive and kicking and gave rise to

many late evenings and early morning starts to ensure everyone received their homemade treats each week.

Driving around the local countryside allowed me to find places that previoulsy I had only seen road signs for.... lots of fun getting a bit lost.

Our first grandchild being born in the middle of the season meant even more juggling to ensure my duties as Grandma and market gardner were equally fulfilled.... 

Our planning for 2020 is well underway:  organic seeds bought, potatoes 'chitting', raised beds built and our compost heaps emptied into the growing beds.  The polytunnel has been cleaned and disinfected ready for the first trays of seeds once any frost, torrential rain and wind have settled...


As with our first year.... lets hope the weather is kinder than its has been recently and we have another enjoyable and successful season of growth.

We look forward to welcoming back customers from 2019 and meeting new ones in our second season.

Midlife Homestead

Wester Claysyke



KY13 0UP

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