• Sandra

Beetroot Risotto

a wee mid week treat...


1.5 litres vegetable or chicken stock

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 leeks chopped

2 medium raw beetroot

400g arborio rice

125mls dry white wine

1tablespoon oil

50 g 'strong' cheese grated


Heat stock to boiling then keep on a simmer

In a heavy bottomed large pan melt the butter, add leek and cook gently till soft and slightly brown

Peel and grate beetroot and stir into leek mixture

Add rice, stir well to ensure its 'coated'

Add wine and stir till absorbed

Add stock a ladle at a time, stir constantly till fluid absorbed then repeat

Rice needs to be tender but still have a little bit of 'bite"

Once fully cooked remove from heat, add oil and grated cheese, stir to combine.

You may choose to add some of the finely chopped leaves, or add some bacon lardons when you are cooking the leeks

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