Ethos, Terms and Conditions

1.  The ethos of Midlife Homestead is to grow seasonal produce which once      picked will be delivered to your home within 24 hours.

2.  We use the minimum of packaging  and no preservatives.

3.  Any packaging used is compostable,biodegradable or reusable.

4.  Any eco-bag, glass jar or bottle should be washed and returned to              Midlife Homestead in the empty crate.

5.  Each customer will be issued with their own named crates.

6.  Delivery will be on Tuesday or Friday. There are a maximum number of        deliveries each day. You will be notified if unable to delivery on your          specified day. 

7.  The cost for each 'seasonal crate' is £13. To ensure each crates 'worth'         Midlife Homestead may choose to include other home produce,                 homemaking,  home made bread, fresh pasta sauces, cordials, eggs           etc The cost includes delivery.Orders can be organised for weekly or           fortnightly delivery.

8.  Your first order will include an additional charge of £6 to cover the cost       of the wooden crates. These will then become your property once you          have paid for your produce. 

9.  Payment is on the 28th of each month, or on day of delivery. Payment          can be cash,cheque or bank transfer. The online order form requires you      to specify your chosen payment method.

10. Orders are to be placed using the online ordering system or via direct         contact with Sandra at Midlife Homestead

11. It is your responsibility to ensure there is a dry and safe place to leave         the crate if you are not expecting to be at home for delivery. 

12. If you wish to change your order, have a holiday break or cancel you          are required to provide one weeks notice to                                         

13. If your box is stolen please inform Midlife Homestead as soon as                 possible.

14. Should you not be happy with your order contact                           

15.At times throughout the season there may be additional produce                  available to supplement your box. You will be emailed a few days prior        to your delivery advising what is available.

16. Each week the contents of the crates and a recipe for an item will be

      posted on the website    

17. We hope you enjoy the contents of your crate, however in keeping with       our ethos for seasonal produce, if there has been poor weather and             produce is compromised we will contact as soon as possible to advise         you.

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